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Why You Never Have Enough Time

Do you wonder why you never have enough time?

Are you frustrated with feeling like time is running away from you?

Maybe you are sick of getting to the end of another year and realising that the promises you made to yourself that you'll:

  • stop wasting time

  • learn how to be more productive

  • finally hit your goals

are a distant memory?

In this video, I discuss the common (and less common) reasons why you feel like you never have enough time.

In my years of working in self-improvement, this has been an all too frequent complaint.

Whether you feel like your career years are being wasted or you’re missing out on valuable time with family and friends, this video will definitely break down some of the misconceptions about:

  • why you don’t have to work harder to be more productive and

  • why your time management might not be the reason you’re always late

Naturally, if you can prioritise your time and you would like some help please get in touch.

Enjoy, David.

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