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Meet The Team


David Yeabsley

After several years gaining management experience in large and small organisations David grasped the opportunity to follow his passion and set up ‘The People Animators Ltd’ to inspire and motivate people to develop their personal effectiveness, to make a greater impact on their jobs and make their careers more fulfilling and enjoyable.

David has produced a wide range of very interactive and rewarding training and coaching programmes across all levels of management and types of organisations. These programmes enable the participants to think differently and develop behavioural changes that have a positive impact on developing their own personal effectiveness in their everyday work, and in life in general. All of these programmes are very challenging so enabling people to accentuate their talents whilst making changes where needed to maximise their impact, potential and effectiveness.


Setting up The People Animators has given David the opportunity to travel extensively and follow his passion of working with organisations which are very diverse as well as being market leaders in their own sectors. This has helped challenge David’s capabilities, as well as the people he works with, and therefore make his programme an excellent return on investment. 


Margaret Kendle

Margaret is an enthusiast for facilitating personal development and change, who specialises in designing and facilitating management and leadership development programmes that equip people managers with the skills to lead and inspire their teams to develop their potential.

She has over ten years’ hands-on experience of people management, initially in the retail sales sector and subsequently in corporate training. She has designed, implemented and managed organisational development and training programmes for numerous blue chip and public sector organisations and has extensive expertise in coaching individual performance, up to executive level.

She is an accredited coach, SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) facilitator and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner and is CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) qualified. 

SD outside.jpg

Sheila Docker


After struggling with health issues for over 30 years, Sheila knew she had to take transformational action if she wanted her life to change.   Having walked your journey, she understands the pain points and challenges and knows how to take back control.   Sheila has the empathy, enthusiasm and knowledge to help people manage their wellbeing in busy working environments, so they are living their lives, thriving not just surviving.

Sheila understands success is about empowering people individually and as a team with the tools and knowledge, enabling them to be stronger and more confident in their mental and physical health and wellbeing.  As a result, her programs focus on equipping clients with information, skills and self-belief so they too can decide on the best course of action and understand how to integrate and sustain transformational changes into their life.

Sheila is passionate about the importance of wellness in the workplace and the benefit it brings not only to the teams, but to the entire organisation and the individuals themselves.  As an accredited Primal Health/Wellness and Fitness coach, plus an NLP Practitioner, she has a range of courses for individuals and teams which she delivers with engagement and enthusiasm.


Emma B.png

Emma C Browning

Emma’s passion is helping businesses to grow through their people. After 30 years in the corporate world, working at HR Director level, Emma decided that she wanted to set up her own HR consultancy to help small businesses understand and look after their greatest asset – their people. Emma’s passion is to help and support small businesses create and implement bespoke and best practice HR strategies to attract, develop and retain the best people for their business.

Emma really enjoys getting stuck into a challenge and gets real satisfaction from achieving a positive result. Where others have failed or been told you “can’t change this, it won’t work or our people won’t like this or won’t like that” then Emma will work hard to understand the business, its people and its challenges and figure out a way to improve things for the better of the business and its people, but all the while keeping things simple and practical - so a win/win for all!

As an experienced and qualified HR professional, with a Masters Degree in the Management of Change and Innovation, and a qualified Gallup Strengths Coach and MBTI Coach, Emma brings the with her a number of certificates on the wall coupled with her experience to the team.


Adrian Priddle

Adrian Priddle helps people and businesses to develop their working relationships, communication and decision making. He provides training in business writing, business development, and commercial awareness using a mix of theory, practice and metaphors to develop people’s understanding and application.


His clients include companies in manufacturing, accountancy, law and consumer business, as well as regulatory bodies. He is qualified in the delivery of behaviour and personality tools such as Strength Deployment Inventory, Myers Briggs Type Indicator and 16PF.


Adrian is a wonderful facilitator who challenges his participants in a manner which brings the best out of their abilities and is able to take them to new levels of learning, understanding and skills.



Sonia is a passionate advocate of wellness in the workplace, and her work covers both physical and mental health. 



Sonia is an author on addiction and recovery and has been asked to write for MIND on the subject of depression.  Her second book is due for publication in April 2019.

Sonia work includes coaching clients towards physical and emotional wellness on a 1-2-1 basis, as well as running online groups and offering corporate wellness plans

Sonia delvers arrange of wellbeing programmes to companies who are keen to share wellbeing with their people.



Sonia also has two private Facebook groups which support women on their journey of recovery from alcoholism and eating disorders.  These have proved to be extremely successful.

Sonia is a Nutritionist, Master Practitioner of NLP and Master Coach, so is armed with a huge toolkit with which she supports her clients’ needs with confidence and ease.

Sonia Grimes



Moira’s passion is enabling clients to save time through the more effective use of the Microsoft Office Suite.  She takes pride in understanding individual client training requirements and then providing a bespoke training experience ensuring all delegates achieve their personal objectives.  Moira manages to make complex topics simple to understand.  She has taught the Microsoft packages at all levels from beginners to highly experienced senior managers over numerous years and has a passion for Excel.  The tips and tricks taught will save clients a vast amount of time, therefore saving costs on an ongoing basis with improved productivity. 


Moira’s greatest enjoyment comes from building confidence and saving time by using the Microsoft Suite effectively.  She has great satisfaction when delegates are taught quick tips and tricks and say ‘that used to take me days to do and I can now do it in minutes – I wish I had learnt this years ago!’


As a qualified teacher with a Certificate I Education and BEd plus numerous professional computing qualifications, Moira has a proven ability to understand individual client training requirements and advise appropriately.  She has won awards for the quality of her teaching and has the persistence to achieve the highest standards in every undertaking. 

Moira Hammer

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