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Leadership Courses

Leadership Skills

Entrepreneurial thinking isn’t a once a month activity at a manager’s meeting but it is an ongoing mind set and a way of thinking.

The aim of the course is to give managers a clear understanding of their role in in developing their own commercial awareness and in helping their team members to improve their understanding of the impact they have on the business in terms of financial and commercial activities. Managers will have the opportunity to assess their own impact when looking at entrepreneurial skills and contributing to new ideas rather than just participating and surviving.

This programme will look at how to build self-awareness on how you impact your own commercial awareness and thinking along with identifying disaster companies vs. successful companies that demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit.

Time will also be spent on how to develop a successful and entrepreneurial environment in their part of the business and encourage others to think differently and develop a resilient approach to entrepreneurial thinking. This course will provide managers with new ways of thinking by developing their people management skills into business leader skills.


Management to Leadership

To provide the participants with the fundamental skills and confidence to effectively make the transition from management in to leadership and lead their team members to produce personal and corporate objectives in times of change. This course will provide Managers with the skills and knowledge to effectively use leadership tools in the development and continuous improvement of their team‘s performance. The programme sets out to demonstrate the importance of their roles and what is required as a leader of others in a very demanding and competitive industry. Throughout the course the key learning points will be based around the ability the participants have in applying the right leadership styles for different situations.

Senior Management Team or Junior Management Team Workshops

Team workshops can be designed to suit the needs of the team and the organisation. These can be designed to build a greater understanding as a senior management team, how we work and how can we continue to move the organisation forward. The workshops can help produce a three year plan for the organisation and to create an open and honest environment for the day and for future team working to share, challenge and plan for the future plus to consider how the organisation is adapting in its marketplace.


Leadership for Senior Managers

Leadership is about doing the right things and creating the right environment so others can achieve and develop above their normal expectations. For many high achieving managers, work is not just about getting processes done, its about getting exceptional performances out of people, developing new ideas and reacting to change before change controls them. To enable senior managers to take on more of a leadership role the focus on creativity and innovation which are essential along with the ability to adapt to different situations quickly. Sessions on strategic thinking and planning will provide the participants with easily transferable skills to their work place so they can apply their learning to the organisation rather than just focusing on theory.

Coaching to Improve Performance

This course is for managers who need to develop and maximise the potential of their team members. The course covers essential coaching processes and feedback techniques to improve people’s behaviours and performance.

This is done by improving a team member’s sense of self-awareness so they can fully take on and understand the effect of their actions. Then to take responsibility for their actions by working out new ways of working, which are in tune with what is expected in their work performance and to maximise their potential. This very hands on programme will give managers a great insight in to the world of learning, personal development and the great art of coaching and not controlling.


Creative Facilitation Skills

The aim of the course is to give individuals the people skills to be able to effectively facilitate meetings, problem solving and creative group workshops. The course also sets out to develop a more effective non-directive leadership style in getting the best out of people in-group events where creative solutions are needed. 

This is a very interactive course providing the delegates with new ways of thinking and practical examples of how to inspire and animate groups and individuals into producing creative ideas. The Participants will gain the essential skills of a facilitator as well as new ideas on exercises for their groups to use in their own workshops to create innovative ideas to meet client needs.


Leading and Building a Sales Team

Sales in terms of performance management is very similar to sport where performance and results can be observed on an immediate and on-going basis and therefore needs a very strong coaching style of management to enhance your teams effectiveness.

This course is based around good management practices to improve the performance and results of your sales team. The programme is for sales managers who have the responsibility for achieving their organization’s sales through the members of their team. The participants will gain practical ideas, techniques and knowledge to create the correct environment so their people can maximize their performance and results.


Mentoring Skills to Inspire a Business

To provide potential mentors with the skills and knowledge to set up and develop a professional mentoring relationship with their mentees. To enable the mentors to fully support and help with the development of the organisations talent.

This course will provide the participants with the skills and knowledge in setting up
and developing a mentoring relationship with their mentee. The course will define the
purpose of mentoring against coaching, training and counselling, which can be used as mentoring techniques. The course will provide a mentoring framework along with the key skills required by the mentor to develop their mentee. By the end of the course the mentors will be in a position to set up their first meeting and start the mentoring process.

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