Microsoft Training

Delivering professional Microsoft Office application training courses at a venue and time to suit you!

We ensure that each delegate completes a pre-assessment to ensure that they are on the correct course. We can bespoke the content of the course to meet your specific requirements. All delegates will receive an electronic manual with exercises to help consolidate taught elements.

We offer group sessions, one to one, bite-size, half day workshops and floor-walking clinic training options. Training can be arranged on site or at a mutually agreeable venue. 


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an essential tool that is useful for both complex business requirements as well as basic day-to-day purposes. Not only is Microsoft Word a flexible tool that allows you to achieve many of your digital document needs, it is also one of the most user-friendly applications from the Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft Word can be used to type letters, memos, notices and envelopes for mailing or distribution. Newsletters, brochures and books can also be created using Microsoft Word. Additional graphs, photographs, charts, drawings and tables can be inserted into a Word document to further illustrate and enhance administrative documents.

Level 1

This course is designed for attendees who wish to gain a basic understanding of Microsoft Word.  It will benefit new users who wish to create simple, yet professional looking documents.


What you will learn:

  • Creating basic documents

  • Proofing tools

  • Formatting

  • Document Views

  • Aligning paragraphs

  • Move and Copy

  • Layout options

  • Printing options

Level 2

This course is designed to benefit basic users of Microsoft Word who wish to build on their knowledge as well as enhance their document’s presentation.


What you will learn:

  • Further formatting features

  • Copy and paste – further features

  • Automatic numbering including multilevel numbering

  • Paragraph formatting

  • Tabs

  • Tables

  • Multiple paged documents

  • Autocorrect

  • Graphic elements

  • Mail-merge

Level 3

This course is designed to provide experienced Word users with further knowledge of its advanced features. This course will benefit attendees who deal with large documents and perform repetitive tasks which could be automated using macros.


What you will learn:

  • Styles

  • Multiple paged documents

  • Outlining

  • Templates – forms and fields

  • Importing and exporting

  • Introduction to Macros

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is perhaps the most important computer software program used in the workplace today. That's why so many workers and prospective employees are required to learn Excel in order to enter or remain in the workplace. From the viewpoint of the employer, particularly those in the field of information systems, the use of Excel as an end-user computing tool is essential.


Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are commonly used across business to display financial information and other data relevant to the running of the business. This could be information relevant to the customer relationship management department, sales, marketing or HR. With so many business functions now reliant on IT and the internet, Excel continues to be seen as a vital tool for administration and the effective running of a business.

Level 1

This course is designed for those delegates who wish to acquire the basic skills to use Excel effectively. It would benefit anyone wishing to learn the basics of creating spreadsheets.


What you will learn:

  • Creating a basic spreadsheet

  • Entering and editing data

  • Working with rows and columns

  • Formatting a spreadsheet

  • Basic formulae

  • Introduction to functions

  • Viewing of formulae and functions

  • Automatic ‘filling’ of data

  • Printing options

  • Working with larger spreadsheets

  • Basic sorting and filtering

Level 2

This course is designed for those delegates who wish to build on their basic knowledge of Excel.

What you will learn:

  • Review of Excel essentials

  • Advanced formatting / clear vs delete

  • Conditional formatting

  • More complex Formulae and Functions

  • Percentages

  • Absolute Cells

  • Working across multiple sheets

  • Working with a database list

  • Protection

Level 3

This course is designed for those who wish to understand how to analyse and present their data more efficiently as well as create spreadsheets over multiple sheets for others to use.

What you will learn:

  • Review of Excel intermediate

  • Percentages

  • Data Validation

  • Naming cells and ranges

  • Statistical Functions

  • Logical Functions

  • Lookup Functions

  • Formulae auditing

  • Outline features – grouping and subtotals

  • Cleansing of data for analysis

  • Building and editing Pivot tables

  • Calculations within Pivot Tables

  • Grouping with Pivot tables

Microsoft Powerpoint

The commonly accepted definition of Microsoft PowerPoint is "the presentation software application of the Microsoft Office Suite." With sophisticated, yet easy to use graphical and animation capabilities, PowerPoint is often a vital component of business meetings and classroom lectures alike.

The main purpose of MS PowerPoint is to enable the user to create dynamic, informational slide shows through the use of text, graphics, and animation. Slide shows created with the software are often displayed on projection screens for business, training, or educational presentations, although they can be distributed as stand-alone files. Additionally, the slides can be arranged and printed as handouts for reference.

Level 1

This course is designed to provide attendees with an understanding of PowerPoint. It will benefit anyone wishing to know how to create and modify professional looking presentations.

What you will learn:


  • The Power Point Screen

  • Creating a basic presentation

  • Moving, copying and deleting slides

  • Delivering a Presentation

  • Slide appearance

  • Introduction to drawing objects

  • Preparing for distribution – handouts and presenter notes

  • Printing

  • Presentation Skills and running a show

Level 2

This course will benefit anyone wishing to enhance their basic presentations for interactive shows, electronic and paper distribution as well as manage presentation branding.



Attendees should have attended our PowerPoint Foundation

course or have equivalent knowledge.

What you will learn:

  • Reviewing Essential Skills

  • Tables

  • Graphs

  • Importing & Exporting

  • Working with Objects

  • Smart Art

  • Templates and masters / Design elements

  • Transitions and Animation

  • Interactive Slide shows

  • Multimedia Automation

  • Presentation Skills and running a show

Time Management with Outlook

This course is designed for existing users of Outlook, who feel they need to implement time management principles within the package to use it as an effective tool.

Are too many emails messages, urgent deadlines, and stressful meetings driving you mad? Is time running out on you?  Do you sometimes feel like you don’t get anything important done at the end of the day, because all the urgent, small ‘stuff’ kept you so busy you didn’t even start the things that really matter in the long run? 

This course will help you focus and prioritise and to use Outlook in a productive way.  You’ll learn a proven time management system tweaked for use with Outlook.   Through the use of Priorities, Categories and Tasks, it will help you to focus on what matters most and gain more time for important things while only requiring you to invest a littler time each day for planning.


This course is for those who are familiar with using an email package, but who want to use Outlook as an effective tool to help manage their time.

What you will learn:

Building tasks in different views

Contacts – how to build and use them easily

Use of categories

Priorities - effective daily and weekly planning

Appointment and meetings made simple

Managing multiple emails

Extended signatures

Automatic rules and conditional formatting

Converting emails to tasks or appointments