One-Day Program: Future Proof Your Business

Programme Objectives

By the end of this training programme you will be able to:

Create thinking and reflection on the impact you and your team are having

Create your team’s self-awareness and self-responsibility for their learning and performance

Inspire your people to take responsibility for their own personal development

Develop skills, knowledge and experience across your team

Enable your team to be as effective as their potential will take them

Develop a learning and an ongoing feedback culture

Develop levels of motivation and trust within your team

Have effective career conversations and develop essential succession planning

Use tools to drive Personal Self-Management during periods of change

The Aim of the Programme

Are your team members fit and strong enough to support you and the business in the future?

To Inspire your people to take responsibility for their own self-development isn’t always easy
Most organisations already have the answer in place but just don’t use it very well and focus to much on the process and the documentation rather than the conversations. The companies that do it well get great results.

It’s simple; inspire your managers and team members to maximise the benefits of your Appraisal, PDRs, PDPs systems with regular one to ones, ongoing coaching and feedback.

Keep it simple, encourage, challenge and enable you people to take responsibility for their own development and in turn you will gain a more focused, engaged and productive team

In a nutshell ‘If they can’t look after themselves, who is going to do it for them?’



As a Manager what are the key questions I need to consider
Creating our own reflection time - STOP
10 Key questions to consider in developing our people
Are you spoon feeding or ethically challenging your people?

Challenging my team to build self-awareness and professional self-responsibility
Ongoing feedback to develop and improve standards
Improving awareness of skills, knowledge and experience
What is Professional responsibility – do we live it a breath it


Creating a learning and high-performance environment
What have you and your team learnt about yourselves and each other recently
Creating opportunities and experiences to learn
Comfort zone experiences and on going challenges


Enabling your team to be as effective as their potential will take them
Do you and your team tolerate and except substandard performance
What impact do we all have on our end customer?
Celebrating success and creating a feedback culture


Developing knowledge and skills retention in your business
What’s needed now and in the future?
Sharing and mentoring
The right mindset to develop the business


Developing a learning and a ongoing feedback culture
Giving and receiving effective feedback
Opportunities to develop learning 
Building awareness and responsibility in your people


Developing levels of motivation and trust
Developing a sense of Why, Purpose and Value
The 4 questions of motivation that every manager needs to know the answers to
Understanding motivational values of your team and managing the needs of your people


Knowing when to retain talent and when to say goodbye
Career conversations and essential succession planning
Mentoring and developing the right messages across your business
Short term gain v long term pain – be careful with your promises


Tools to drive Personal Self-Management during periods of change
Set and manage personal and career goals
Dealing with pressure -resilience
Creating the right mind set
Keeping the focus on the right things
Controlling the controllables 
Creativity to inspire innovation
Having the ability to get things done


This is a fast-moving interactive event which will challenge managers and leaders thinking to how they are safe guarding the business and its people for the future. We are currently working more and more in a task focused short sighted manner from one day to the next. This programme will challenge the managers to really consider and focus their minds on the future needs of experience, knowledge and skill sets that your people will need to demonstrate. But are we challenging our people and giving them the opportunity to develop.