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Developing Team Effectiveness

The purpose of this programme is for your team to share its strengths and weaknesses and focus on the group's successes. Plus how the team can continue to contribute effectively towards the success of your company.

This programme will provide all of the participants with ways of working which promotes effective team work and working towards common goals.


What does it take to be an effective team member and how best to participate in a highly effective team?



To help people understand their own motivating values and those of others and the contribution we all make to achieve the end goal.

To help team members to work across teams and departments and the business to promote wellbeing and effectiveness.

This is a very interactive and fun programme to challenge the teams togetherness and awareness of what is needed to become a highly effective team that all the participants will enjoy working in and respect each other differences and views. The use of team exercises will be used for each session to bring to life the key learning points.


Providing Positive Solutions to the Business

The purpose of this programme is to further develop individuals and teams in making a greater impact on the success of your organisation in a very competitive market. This programme will develop a greater individual and team awareness and understanding of what the business needs, and ways of making proactive solutions in a confident manner, plus how to communicate effectively to make the best possible impact with those that we deal with internally or externally.

The programme will also look at what do we offer in terms of our style of communication and what does the business need along with what does the business require from the way we work and communicate?

Where are our strengths as a team, what do we need to develop, how we want to be perceived as individuals and as a team across the business?

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