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Customer service 

Managing our Customer Relationships with Confidence

The programme is to give the participants the skills and confidence to effectively deal with all of their customer needs in a manner that will promote the profile of the company and increase sales and customer satisfaction. The course will provide techniques to deal with potential difficult and demanding customers and situations whilst promoting the organisation in a positive way to its potential customers and clients.

By the end of this course the participants will be able to identify and demonstrate excellent customer services and fully understand what do we offer and how do we want to be perceived along with identify your brand ‘Product to Customer service’. The programme will also look at demonstrating effective communication skills to aid a quality service and provide ongoing, mutually beneficial customer relationships and deal with difficult situations confidently and effectively.

Account Management

The purpose of this programme is to provide Account Managers with the confidence and new sales skills to maximise business sales opportunities with current customers and set up profitable long term relationships. 

The programme will provide the participants with  new ways of working and take on new skills to manage their areas of the business effectively and achieve increased business results.

This programme will present a clear sales strategy to maximise business opportunities with existing customers. The participants will get to demonstrate a range of sales skills to maximise all business opportunities and develop an effective planning strategy to enable all Account Managers to prioritise and manage their customers to achieve their sales targets. They will be able to communicate effectively with all types of personalities so they will want to continue to work with you.

Difficult and Demanding Customers

Being able to deliver a great level of service to all types of customers who in today’s markets have ever high expectations can set organisations apart. 

This programme will give the participants the skills and confidence to effectively deal with all of their customer needs in a manner that will promote the profile of the company and increase sales. The course will provide techniques to deal with potential difficult and demanding customers and situations effectively so the customers are fully satisfied and the organisation maintains high levels of sales and customer retention.


The programme covers:

Identify and demonstrate excellent customer services.

Demonstrate effective communication skills to aid a quality service.

Provide on-going mutually beneficial customer relationships.

How to stop ourselves taking things personally and becoming emotional in disagreements and misunderstandings.

Deal with difficult situations confidently and effectively.

Contribute effectively as a team member to serve customers well.

Creating a Customer Care Culture and Brand

Developing the right customer and care culture in most organisations is vital to ensure that the employees understand how their actions and behaviours effective the company’s customers.

Creating a Customer Care Culture will help people to effectively deal with all of their internal and external customer needs in a manner that will promote the profile and effectiveness of the organisation. To create a customer care culture which all parties involved in will benefit from and to provide a more

coordinated and enjoyable working environment.

Sessions include:

Develop internal customer care and how this relationship effects external customers.

Developing a customer care culture in dealing with internal and external clients.

Demonstrate how to provide the right service and image first time and every time.

Demonstrate the key concepts of why your organization is successful and how customer care can further enhance its success.

Developing your service levels around a brand image

Develop a strategy to deal with ‘Moments of Truth’

Communicate effectively with all types of personalities that you need to deal with.

Demonstrate how to deal with difficult situations to aid better working relationships

Raising the Bar in customer service and sales (good to great)

This programme will give the participants the skills, knowledge and confidence to effectively contribute to the successes of the organisation in providing proactive and effective customer solutions. To create a customer care and sales focus culture by working effectively together in difficult trading times.

The programme covers:

Identify the key choices we all have in being proactive and effective in our work.

Taking personal responsibility in making the perception a reality.

Develop skills in taking control of situations and providing customer focused solutions.

Develop our own levels of motivation and enhance our effectiveness in working together.

Identify and plan ways to retain current customers and attract new customers as a team.

Establishing customer needs effectively and offer the correct solutions.

Gaining information and making positive responses.

Managing customer’s expectations in getting back to them.

Focus and identify what we have to offer our customers.

Develop a culture of providing customer based solutions.

Professionals Sales Techniques on the Phone

This course will demonstrate to the participants how they can effectively transfer customer services skills in to sales skills to maximise sales opportunities with new and existing clients. 

The course will be very interactive to help the delegates practice new skills and enhance existing skills in gaining confidence in maximising client opportunities. Group presentations, simulated role-play, individual and team exercises will demonstrate the enjoyment and rewarding world of a more proactive sales initiatives can bring, organisations, departments, teams and of course individuals.

Key learning from the course:

The role of the telephone in customer relationships.

Listening skills .

Body Language on the telephone.

Creating a good first impression.

Encouraging people to buy instead of selling to them.

Establishing more business from new and existing clients.

Four point plan to effective sales.

Planning and opening a call.

Building the case for your product.

Handling objections.

Gaining Commitment.

The Essentials of Sales

This programme will refresh and re-energise any sales team with new sales ideas and help them become even better, creative and effective sales people. 

This course provides the participants with a clear structure of the selling process and time will specifically be spent on the key techniques of sales and negotiation to help salespeople develop and learn new sales skills. 

The course will be very interactive giving the participants the opportunity to practice new skills in being creative to deliver solutions to their prospective client needs. The programme will take the participants outside of their comfort zone and test their real ability and potential. The participants will be required to carry out interactive exercises, presentations and group discussions. The delegates will be able to produce an action plan for their learning which can be monitored a reviewed on an on-going basis.

Key learning from the programme:

Identify the key areas of the sales process.

Develop a consultancy style of selling.

Manage yourself and your clients

Planning, organisation, prioritising.

Understand your products and services through the eyes of a customer.

Identify different behaviour styles and to communicate effectively.

Fully understand the wants, needs and desires of your clients.

Presenting effective solutions and knowing when to present.

Develop new influencing and negotiation skills.

Reach agreement to the next stage or to win the business.

Production of an individual action plan.


Sales Facilitation and Presentation Skills

A course for those experienced in the sales process, providing an opportunity for professional development to maximise sales performance. Delegates gain from a fresh perspective on the sales function and a chance to benchmark their current skills and sales strategies. Role-plays and exercises explore the use of presentations and strategies for dealing with all types of customers and sales situations. Delegates will have the opportunity to improve their formal presentation skills and develop facilitation skills which enable customers to make decisions and say yes.

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