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One-Day Program: Future Proof Yourself

The Aim of the Programme

The aim of the programme is to provide the participants with new innovative ways of developing and managing their personal effectiveness and performance in the working environment.

The programme looks at new ways to improve confidence, personal profile, self-motivation, dealing with pressure, focusing and improving on areas that are important. The programme deals with the key concepts in managing personal development and one’s potential. Plus, the participants will be introduced to the new concepts of 'Future Proofing Yourself' which will enable participants to take a very proactive approach to managing their self-development and future career aspirations.

In a nutshell ‘If you can’t look after yourself, who is going to do it for you?’

Programme Objectives

By the end of this training programme you will be able to:

Identify the key concepts in managing your self-development and future career opportunities
Develop ideas on how to maximise your learning opportunities
Develop and focus on your personal key values.
Understand what really motivates you and how to keep yourself motivated
Raise your profile in a confident and self-assured manner
Develop opportunities to network and build trust worthy contacts
Self-manage by setting clear personal goals and staying in control by being totally organised and focused.
Create a proactive approach to working under pressure and having a very positive mindset.
Future plan your next steps


Future Proofing Yourself
Managing your self-development
If you don’t look after yourself who will
Opportunities to learn – Go Grab an experience
A proactive approach to your appraisal and PDR process


Personal Values and Self- Motivation
What is really important to you as a person?
Working and living to your values
Developing an understanding of your key motivational values
Keeping motivated and having a proactive positive thought process


Raising your Profile
Developing yourself esteem and confidence to aid performance
What do you have to offer
Influencing and communicating at all levels
Think like your managers think
Networking opportunities


Personal Self-Management
Set and manage personal and career goals
Dealing with pressure -resilience
Creating the right mind set
Keeping the focus on the right things
Controlling the controllables 
Creativity to inspire innovation
Having the ability to get things done


Managing Your Self Development
Skills and attributes to develop your career
Knowledge and Understanding how your managers and directors make decisions
Gaining experience and exposure to new areas of work
Getting involved with out selling your self short


What is networking all about
Inner and outer networks
Who makes you think differently?
Getting good advice from the right people


What next
How are you going to keep your self-performing to your potential?
Now to start self-managing


Programme Methodology

Achieving and maximising your potential doesn’t just happen. It involves careful planning and hard work along with a clear focus on the areas that you need to work on.

It’s a bit like being an Olympic Heptathlon you have to be multiskilled and dedicated to maximising your opportunities. You need to develop learning as a core value and keep challenging yourself to learn and develop. 

This programme brings the elements into the everyday working world to enable people to be more effective, enjoy their work more and develop higher amounts of self-esteem, confidence and self-motivation. This course will be highly interactive with the participants demonstrating the skills and techniques needed to create in planning and maximising their personal potential. 

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