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How To Stop Talking Negatively –Flip It

We can all have self-doubt and talk negatively to ourselves, but there is an alternative.

When you get a negative thought, write it down in you in a notebook and then, on a separate page, flip the thought into a positive one.

This takes practice, but it really works.

Let's give it a go with the examples below:

  • I’ve got to do a presentation and I am rubbish at them – Flip It

  • This is a good opportunity to get my ideas across.

  • My project is nagging me to be completed – Flip It

  • Just block some time out and get it completed and I can then relax.

  • I have got a client meeting and they don’t like me – Flip It

  • This is a great opportunity to learn from the experience and show them that I am good at what I do.

  • I hate being delayed by travel disruptions – Flip It

  • I cant control the disruption, so I need to take a great book with me so I can benefit from the time I am waiting.

So now you know How to Stop Talking NegativelyFlip It

Flipping a negative into a positive really does take practice, so give it a go and don’t forget to use your notebook.

If you need any help, please get in touch.

Enjoy your positive thoughts


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