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Would you like your team to have:

  • more energy and mental clarity

  • feel stronger

  • sleep better

  • laugh and play more

  • reduce stress?

Plus, have them learn easy strategies to reduce metabolic and inflammatory health challenges, so their bodies are working at their very best?

We are thrilled to now provide this 'awesome' workshop as part of our Health and Wellbeing courses. This is a fantastic introduction to sustainable and simple holistic lifestyle changes and truly is a full on, interactive, educational and fun workshop.


  • nutrition

  • movement and body strength

  • mindset

  • sleep

  • stress

  • sun and play

Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of. the importance of having a sustainable approach to health, fitness and mental wellbeing with simple, fun and sustainable lifestyle changes.

This workshop can be 90 minutes, half day or day in duration and include interactive breakout sessions.

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