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We are a dedicated group of TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONALS who love their work and are passionate about inspiring and bringing the best out of everyone that we work with. We love to learn and gain new experiences and develop this passion with our clients to fulfil people’s potential and enjoyment in whatever they do!

Our development programmes engage, challenge and animate people and are bespoke and designed around your development needs and business objectives.


Leadership Skills, The Essentials of People Management, Presentation Skills, Recruitment Interviewing, Customer Service, Sales, Personal Effectiveness - with a wide range of very interactive and rewarding training and coaching programmes, we help businesses to up-skill and develop their people!

We deliver interactive training programmes, seminars, conference talks, team building events and coaching sessions.



After several years gaining management experience in large and small organisations David grasped the opportunity to follow his passion and set up ‘The People Animators Ltd’ to inspire and motivate people to develop their personal effectiveness, to make a greater impact on their jobs and make their careers more fulfilling and enjoyable.

We have helped thousands of people and businesses to maximise their potential in areas from Management and Sales, to Teamwork and Self-Development

"David was very professional in his approach and he invested time to get to know the business and challenges. His proposal wasn’t just the standard workshop style but he saw the opportunity to engage the delegates to help map a future process. He encouraged and challenged delegates to think outside of their normal approach, highlighted where they could improve a process and most importantly kept everyone to task.  His style was respectful yet authoritative in subject. David helped us to recognise that it was not only the delegates who would benefit but the whole organisation.  The legacy of his training has now filtered down to other roles and functions."

- Anita Johnston, City Electrical Factors 

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"Trying to change other people’s behaviour is never easy. The reality is that change can only come from within. What we can do is create an environment which encourages individuals to make their own changes for the better by taking personal responsibility for their actions."

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