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What Is Your Definition Of Success?

What is your definition of success?

This is a follow on video from ‘How you get lucky in jobs

You hear comments like, 'they have been lucky' or 'they are more successful than me'.

Well perhaps they designed it that way!

Before making assumptions and comparing ourselves to others, it might be a good idea to define what your definition of success is.

Is it:

  • Materialist things, ie. houses, cars, plasma screen TVs, etc.

  • How much you earn

  • Job title and positions in organisations

  • Career success

  • Awards and accolades

  • Work life balance

  • Or just enjoying yourself?

The most successful person I met was my Uncle. He worked as an accountant for a local council and when he retired, he watched every film going and read every book his library had to offer. He was the most contented person I ever met and was always ready to just enjoy the moment.

So before comparing yourself to others, and I guess we all do it, just spend some time thinking what contentment really looks like to you.

Then create a plan to get it.

Enjoy the journey. David

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