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What Is The Best Present To Give This Christmas?

It is that wonderful time of the year when we give each other gifts.

But, what is the most important thing that you can give another person?

In my view, it is often being present rather than giving a present.

  • Being present in terms of being there for others

  • Giving your time

  • Being able to listen and understand

  • You cannot necessarily solve their problems, but you can show that you care

  • Show compassion and empathy

  • Be supportive and positive towards others

So, when you are in social environments:

  • Try to listen more than you talk

  • Look at things through other people’s perspective

  • Remember, it is not always all about you

Who can you reach out to and be more present with in terms of giving them your time and listening?

Instead of writing a Christmas ‘present list’ try a ‘friends and family being present list’

Have fun and be 'present'.


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