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Unbearably excited - my new book has arrived!

I’ve been like the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof for the past month, awaiting the delivery and now launch of my recently published book ‘Future Proof Yourself’.

This is the first article relating specifically to my book, which is a reflection of my own learnings, thoughts, experiences and ideas from my work over the past 20 years as a trainer, public speaker and coach, plus how I am still working on my own Future Proofing Journey.

I am so thrilled and excited to share not only my stories, but also the adventures of others as we work towards remaining relevant, keeping pace and making time to reflect.

Question. When was the last time that you sat down and thought about your self-development? When was the last time you thought about how you are going to keep yourself employable and enjoy the rest of your working career?

Well, now is the time. This book is all about you. There is no them or they in this book. It’s all about how you are going to look after yourself for the rest of your working career. Along the way, you will come to recognise your strengths. You will have honest conversations with yourself about the areas for personal improvement and development in order to keep yourself employable for the rest of your career.

You can purchase Future Proof Yourself in ebook, Kindle and paperback formats via :

Enjoy the journey of Future Proofing Yourself. I look forward to joining you!

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