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There is no 'them' or 'they'!

Take responsibility in your career

Are you one of these people that sits around waiting for others to sort things out for you or maybe you see someone else behaving like this?

Guess what? It could be a long wait!

It's your life; your career; your adventure; your responsibility - nobody else's.

So take charge and don't expect others to make things happen.

This weeks video 'Take responsibility in your career, there is no them or they' encourages you to reflect on how you:

  • engage with others, especially those that can make a difference

  • communicate your thoughts and feelings with your manager

  • show interest and ask questions, be inquisitive

  • take on new adventures and experiences

  • grasp learning opportunities for self development

If you wait for "them" or "they" to do it for you, it may never happen.

Remember, if you don’t look after yourself or your business, who is going to do it for you?

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