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Usain Bolt - Faster Than Lightening book Review

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Knowing what you are good at in life is one thing, knowing how to maximise that skill or talent is another challenge altogether. But let’s start at the beginning...

What are you good at? presenting, technical expert, analytical, ideas, relationships, team player, strategy, detail, visionary, influencing, writing, energy, enthusiasm, facilitating, leading, being inquisitive, learning, new innovations, perfectionist, caring. etc

Perhaps outside of your working life you have other talents? Art, music, cooking, writing, golf, running, badminton, craft work, photography, films, theatre, social media But do you utilise and maximise those talents and skills? If not, why not? and could you? Plus, do you have a passion for any of those talents and skills? A certain energy and an enthusiasm when they are discussed or when you are involved in them? When you consider how many different and diverse businesses there are in the world, is there a market place for your talents and passions? Do some research, you might be surprised!

Can you make money out of your talents and passions, or are your talents needed by others who can benefit from them. It doesn’t always have to be about the money. I do enjoy stories and autobiographies that explain how someone has taken control and maximised their potential, so this month’s book is about Usain Bolt's book ‘Faster than Lightening’

Like Mo Farah’s story in his autobiography (which is an inspiring read) Usain Bolt didn’t necessarily have a lot of career choices. He could play cricket so could have become a fast bowler or become an athlete running the 100 and 200 metres, which he naturally chose. Mo Farah really only had running. To many people the world over who marvelled in Usain Bolt's electric pace and great showmanship, he only had to merely turn up to win. In his early days that was a far observation. But to stay at the top required effort and hours of training which didn’t come very naturally to Usain.

Usain and Mo made the decision to work very hard to get to the top of their chosen profession and maximise their talent and passion. How are you demonstrating the same professionalism?

Example: Usain Bolt Skill – Running fast Passion – being a showman Market – people love to watch people run fast Can he make money – sponsorship and prize money

I think he maximised his talents and potential

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