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The Accidental Pornographer - Gavin Griffiths : Book Review

The book of the month for June is about 'giving it a go'.

‘The Accidental Pornographer’ follows Gavin Griffiths and the challenges he faced once he bought and managed an adult content publication (content warning!). Gavin wanted to 'give it a go' and his 18-month experience certainly wasn’t what he had planned or even wanted, however, he walked away with great knowledge and an experience that confirms he has no regrets.

Have you ever read a book that sells you the idea that to become a successful multi-millionaire is easy? Apparently, anyone can do it and it’s relatively simple! This book is the complete opposite.

Gavin Griffiths shares an incredibly frank and humorous story of his 18-month adventure managing an adult content magazine and the challenges that he faced. If you don’t mind the content of the stories and how he invested his time, this should be read by everyone starting a new business. His strapline on the front of the book says it all ‘A story about having a go and succeeding….in failing’. Very funny book but be warned, there are references to pornography.

10 tips on 'giving it a go'

1. Challenge yourself and others to think differently

2. Act differently if needed

3. Don’t just accept that’s the way it is

4. If in doubt give it ago

5. What is the worst thing that can happen? You will learn something from the experience

6. Ask others questions and ask yourself challenging questions

7. Come outside your comfort zone and learn

8. Have confidence and enjoy the experience of a challenge

9. If you have done something similar before you can do it again

10.Learn from life’s experiences and challenges

Giving it a go in the Italian Alps!

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