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Taking The Positives From Lockdown Working

Taking The Positives From Lockdown Working

Yes it has been tough but, looking back, what have been the positives of working remotely in a lockdown environment?

As people are starting to come back into an office environment on a permanent or a hybrid basis, what are the positives we need to keep hold of?

Below are a few positives that people have shared with me:

  • Our team members have stepped up and taken more responsibility

  • We have learnt a lot about ourselves and others

  • We have overcome tough challenges personally and in the working environment

  • In adversity we have been blooming good

  • We have got rid of old processes that were holding us back

  • We have found new ways of working

  • Our people have become more self-aware and resilient

  • Senior managers have become more emotionally intelligent and aware

  • Our top-down communication in the business has improved

  • We have created new products and services

  • More improved one to ones and team meetings

So, what are the key areas of positivity that your people and the business need to keep going?

If you would like to make a short list and send them to me, I would be happy to create ideas and programmes to help keep them fresh and alive in your business.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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