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Take A Long Term View

It’s almost becoming normal. Not being in our usual working environments, be that working from home or still attending our workplace under totally unique circumstances. Nothing normal about any of this, however we’re getting used to it.

For some, they’re incredibly busy as their skills are needed by others. For others, they’ve all of a sudden got a lot of time on their hands.

My video today 'Think Long Term' discusses the process we are all going through from shock, frustration, worry and other rather overwhelming feelings into potentially more of an acceptance phase.

It is tough. We all know it’s tough. But hopefully we are over the acceptance stage and starting to think “Right what now? I need to do something about this. But what can I do?”

I appreciate that some people are faced with financial and emotional challenges. Especially if they’re not currently getting paid or if they were in-between jobs before this crisis. But before doing anything rash, which could impact our careers and our futures once this has ended, it’s important to create a calm reflective response and think long term.

Future Proof Yourself with long term thinking. Yes, short-term measures need to be considered and I am very impressed with friends who have found paid work in this lockdown. They’ve re-skilled themselves and are helping companies and organisations that need help.

This will look good on future CVs and people will respect you for this.

So here are a few pointers to guide your attitudes during this lockdown.

  1. Try and put this situation into the context of your career and long-term future

  2. Don’t make rash decisions that could be a negative impact on your future and that you might regret

  3. Speak to people you trust, those who give good advice and are a calming influence

  4. Seek good financial advice

  5. Reflect on your current business and industry, what will it look like in 6 -9 months time?

  6. What can you do now to enable yourself to come out of this situation fitter and stronger?

  7. Create thinking time and think wisely

  8. Think Long Term – no rash and panic decisions

As always I’m happy to chat if you need someone to discuss these thoughts with, not everyone does.

Take care


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Remember, if you don’t look after yourself or your business, who is going to do it for you?

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