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Tailor your pitch or CV when promoting yourself

The video, Tailoring Your Approach to Future Proof Yourself, demonstrates how we should tailor our approach to different scenarios. It displays due diligence and that you are serious about the business you are presenting to or the job you are applying for. It's another example of professional responsibility.

A big part about being confident and feeling in control is feeling good about yourself.

If you have ever turned up to present or for an interview and you feel your clothes don’t do you justice, for instance, they are too tight or too baggy or your shoes aren’t very clean, it just doesn’t feel right.

That is why some people like to pay for a tailor or dressmaker to make sure everything fits correctly. Then you feel great, which means you feel you can perform to the best of your abilities.

It’s the same when you present/pitch or attend an interview - you need to tailor your message to suit your audience.

One size doesn’t fit all and that applies to your clothes and the way you present yourself.

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