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Stop Your Manager From Micromanaging You Today

Micromanagers are undoubtedly the worst part of any job and pose a significant challenge in any workplace.

If you are dealing with a micromanager right now, then the struggle is real.

However, there are positive steps that can help reshape their behaviour and leverage other more positive traits.

This video unpacks everything you need to know to cultivate the trust and respect of your manager, reducing their inclination to micromanage you.

To start, I explore the root causes behind micromanagement I emphasise the importance of understanding that it often stems from the manager's past experiences or beliefs, rather than any shortcomings on your part.

I then discuss the key traits of micromanagers with examples of each. This is particularly helpful in identifying how much micromanaging is taking place, and the manager's self-awareness.

I finish with practical tips on curbing micromanagement tendencies , which will help develop a more comfortable work environment in the future.

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