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Rocks In A Jar

Focus On The Important Things In Life

This jar resembles your life.

What can you get into the jar? What can you fit into your life?

This is my adaptation of the famous rocks in a jar, attributed to a unknown university lecturer.

Now let's take a look at this jar and these golf balls. The golf balls represent what is really important to you:

  • Your family

  • Your friends

  • Your health and well-being

  • Your faith and beliefs

  • Your life passions

Plan into your life the things that are really important to you first, otherwise they will get left out as we start to include small things into our days.

The jar of small stones represents all the daily hustle and bustle that can just fill up our time. These are still important, but not as important as the big stuff. Things like housework, chores, our work, shopping, materialistic things.

The sand represents everything else that can steal our time. This can include social media, interruptions from others, poor planning, being sat in traffic, emails, pointless conversations or badly directed energy on something you can’t control.

As you can see the jar is now very full, but, if you put things in the correct order, you can fit more in.

What would have happened if you had put the sand in first, then the small stones, there would have been no room for the golf balls that represent the really important things?

Remember though, when you do have a very full life, you always need to find time to have a drink with people who are really important to you.



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