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Quiet Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds and Matches- Carlo Ancelotti

The book of the month for August is about 'keeping calm under pressure'

Sport is a passion of mine, either participating or spectating, and I was very excited to readQuiet Leadership, Winning Hearts, Minds and Matchesby Carlo Ancelotti, co-authored by Chris Brady and Mike Forde, a book that reveals the full, riveting story of his managerial career with his methods, mentors, mistakes and triumphs uncovered.

'Steeped in glory, loved by players for his light touch, he is probably the most coveted coach in the world.' Financial Times

Carlo is a very unassuming character, which is very different from the aggression and theatrics characterised by some of his competitors, however, he is also one of the most successful managers within football, having won a great many titles, including 5 Champions League titles (over his time as both player and manager).

Quiet Leadership is a very easy book to get into and by about page 30 I was hooked, as he was then working at Chelsea. Surprising fact: did you know that Carlos had 10 meetings at Chelsea with Roman Abramovich before being offered the job? Wow, braver man than me. They must have been tough interviews!

Every chapter of Quiet Leadership has a summary of take away messages, providing valuable insights into Carlo’s quiet ways.

Also included in the book are some powerful testimonials from the likes of David Beckham, Alex Ferguson and Cristiano Ronaldo. It becomes very clear that Carlo Ancelotti has definitely left his mark on football globally and gained respect and fierce loyalty from his players, colleagues, adversaries and fans.

Very obvious too that his quiet leadership style encouraged and respected players talents and recommendations. Great management style.

This is more of a management book using examples of Carlo Ancelotti’s career to help demonstrate key points. Really is a very good read if you like your sport, are interested in management principles and being calm under pressure. An absolute winner for me. Really is that good.

Hope you enjoy. David

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