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Professional Responsibility - do we demonstrate it all the time?

Updated: Aug 7, 2019



We all might like to think we are professional in our work and that we are a great investment for the companies we work for, but do we always demonstrate professional responsibility in our everyday work?

Do you wake up in the morning and think, “I am going to be brilliant today. I’m going to show how good I am.” Do you see work as a challenge to allow you to develop and learn more; so that you can enjoy what you do, stay relevant and be of great value to the organisation that you work for (or to your clients if you work for yourself)?

Taking professional responsibility and self-managing yourself is the height of professionalism. This is something which we expect from people in the public eye; be it in the sporting world or the world of entertainment. We are paid to do a job, but do we always perform to the best of our abilities, demonstrating the right attitudes and skills? If not, then why not?

Being the best that you can be will help safeguard your future career, whilst learning and developing as you go and constantly reflecting to make sure you are on the right track.

Future Proofing Yourself covers many aspects of your working life and the need to continuously develop and improve your skills to keep yourself relevant and of value for the rest of your career. You will experience highs and lows during your working lives, but what is most important is how you react and manage the different situations and challenges that you encounter.


What's the story, David?

Going to the Theatre

A visit to the theatre isn’t cheap. However, it’s worth it for a top West End professional production, because you know it’s going to be great. Plus, you have decided to take a good friend or your partner to enjoy the experience.

It’s not just the cost of the show; it’s also the travel to London, which isn’t cheap, but it will be worth it for a great professional production and entertainment.

Then the meal beforehand and the theatre drinks are pricey, not to mention the cost of the ice cream, however, you know it will be worth it for the top notch and professional show.

You’re sat in your seats as the show starts and the curtain goes up. You think this is going to be great, it’s not been cheap, but for a professional West End production it will be worth it.

The leading performers come on stage and start singing and dancing, I think this is going to be great, then suddenly the cast stop, they sigh and say, “Do you know how many times we have sung this damned song?”, “We are fed up and want to go home.”

You wouldn’t be very happy, would you? After all, it’s not very professional, is it?

You would be very disappointed and you would, I dare say, feel that the cast hadn’t been very professional and you would want your money back.


So, the next time you go into work, what is your body language saying to your team and colleagues?

Is it saying I am ready and here for you and I want to be here? Are we demonstrating professional responsibility in our every day work all the time?

We often expect it of others, so why shouldn't they expect the same?


It is essential to continuously develop and improve your skills to keep yourself relevant and of value for the rest of your career. Be the best you can be and remember: If you don't look after yourself, who will look after you?

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