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Management Coaching For New And Existing Managers

Management Coaching For New And Existing Managers

In this video I explain how my coaching will enable technical experts to make the transition into management effectively.

Most people become managers because they are technically good at their job.

They are hard working, conscientious and achieve results.

So naturally they are first in line to take on management responsibilities.

But whoever left education saying; ‘one day I want to be a manager’?

As part of my coaching programme, we will work together to create the most suitable focus and agenda to cover all aspects of management, so you can enable others to perform.

Management is a great title, but having that title doesn’t immediately mean the manager has the competence to get the best out of others. Plus so much more responsibility is expected and falling on the shoulders of modern day managers.

Please contact me to discuss how my coaching and development programmes will benefit you as manager and your career.

I look forward to hearing from you


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