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Learn to Sell Yourself - What Is Your Story?

How comfortable are you with selling yourself? Is it something that really makes you feel awkward? Maybe you don't like talking about yourself and find yourself not having the right words or you just don't have the confidence.

I make no apologies, but it's now time for some tough love, as it is your professional responsibility to be able to speak positively and confidently about yourself.

Today's challenge is allowing yourself some time to recognise what you have got to offer and being able to tell your story.

In the video, Learn to Sell Yourself - What Is Your Story? I have some exercises for you to focus on. These include providing:

  • a list of 5-10 key competencies and skills that you would like others to see in you

  • examples of how you have developed your skills, competencies, behaviours, strengths

  • how you demonstrate these on a daily basis

  • examples of things you've learnt

Be positive and just do it. If you are not sure, ask a trusted person for their feedback.

This exercise is not just for interviews. You will find many other challenging times and environments where you may be put in the spotlight.

If you are prepared you will cope easily and confidently with questions, such as:

  • why should we give you the job?

  • how can we rely on your?

  • what experiences have you had that will fit this promotion?


you are your own Limited Company and your

time/knowledge/experience/wisdom = salary

Further into the video, Learn to Sell Yourself - What Is Your Story?, I share ways to practice, how to promote yourself and excellent tools to development examples and stories, including my own.

It is vital for you to understand what your incredible qualities are, so make some time for yourself and I look forward to hearing how you have built 'your story'.


Remember, if you don’t look after yourself or your business, who is going to do it for you?

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