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Knowing your Value to the End Customer

Do you know what value you bring?

Do you know who your end customers are and if their needs are being met?

A lot of people potentially will not be able to answer these questions eloquently and with confidence. If you can, well done. It's a great position to be in.

Business is about understanding what your job, industry or profession actually means to the end client. Think about how you benefit your customers and the value you provide them. These are the skills you are developing on a daily basis. Developing yourself within a business can be challenging.

In my video, How Does Business Work for an Individual? I share some examples of how companies may undersell their value by not immediately being able to describe what it is they offer. A sample is described below.


Construction companies can be listed under many different categories, but we naturally would bunch them together.

However, construction companies managing projects from the list below are responsible for providing valuable and necessary end products to their customers:

houses and flats = helping create homes

hospitals = providing medical facilities

road, rail, bridges = creating transport network across the UK

water treatment plant = ensuring public have clean water and sanitation

By appreciating where your company sits and the benefits it brings to its end customers you can further understand your role and your value

Where can you gather this information? Through your colleagues, management, customers and suppliers. Just ask, be inquisitive, grab a coffee with them.

Sure it takes investment of time and effort, but it's free and enjoyable, plus will become part of your networking journey.

It's all part of learning and developing your role within your organisation and future opportunities.


Remember, if you don’t look after yourself or your business, who is going to do it for you?

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