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Keep At It And Be Very Organised

Today's video 'keep at it and be very organised' is part one of a three video series. Being organised is a skill and something that we have to learn. To keep at it, you need to keep progressing in a way that makes sense and is sustainable long term. Plan you days so you stay organised and turn into a very organised person.

When the going gets tough – ‘ Keep At It’ – If you don’t who is going to do it for you?

Sales prospecting, job searching or looking for new opportunities when running your own business can be very tough and can easily get you down.

Part One : Be Very Organised

  • List your daily and weekly activities and plan then into your diary /schedule

  • Prioritise what activities are going to make the biggest impact on what you are trying to achieve

  • Set a time period, how long you are going to work each day and keep to it, mental and physical burn out isn’t good

  • Build in regular breaks and vocational activities

  • Explain to people who you live with what your plans and working times are so they can give you support.

Next week's video is titled 'Network And Tribe Well'

Regards, David


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The current subject is Finding Opportunities in Tough Times’.

Regards, David

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