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How To Set A Contract With Yourself

Future Proof Yourself By Setting A Contract With Yourself

Since the early age of 15 I decided to set a contract with myself in terms of my future career.

I was still at school, but started playing men’s football on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. I loved it so much that I promised I would never work weekends because of my love of playing football.

So, to earn money, I did a paper round and cut grass in the evening during the summer, then I could free up my weekends.

Today is no different. I have been running my own business for over 21 years and I very, very rarely work weekends, as I love my cycling, golf and walking with my wife.

Yes, I work long hours at the start of the week, early mornings and some late evenings, but my contract is to keep David fit and fresh so no work at the weekends and no emails or messaging at silly hours.

What is your contract with yourself?

Answering message and emails late at night and weekends?

Saying yes to everything, even if you know its going to eat into your own time?

Of course, if you are on a career bender and happy to work all hours, you love it and you are on a mission, well crack on. Otherwise think about setting a contract with yourself.

My wife was very naughtily doing some emails on a Sunday afternoon. She said, "look at this".

An email had been sent to over 200 people in her business, and within one hour 40 people had responded and cc'd everyone else saying ‘this doesn’t apply to us’. Has the world gone mad?

If you need to commit to emails and messaging on holiday, set yourself a contract of one hour every two days only.

Imagine, when you get to your retirement age, do you want to look back and say "I am glad I spent so much time at work and didn't take all my holiday entitlement".

If you need any help in setting up your contract, please get in touch.


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