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How To Make Appraisals And PDRs Effective

3 Great Tips For PDRs And Appraisals

A lot had been written in the HR Press about how we should scrap PDRs and appraisals and that most of our managers would cheer and their team members wouldn’t be far behind them.

The concept is that they should be replaced by ongoing coaching. If only that would become a reality, but we all know that will never happen.

Plus, organisations have spent £millions putting their PDR and appraisal systems online, so they are all automated and can generate loads of great management information.

One problem! The conversations in these reviews are still very poor, therefore will generate poor outcomes and data.

Have some great conversations and do them more than once a year.

This video covers three great tips:

Ask great questions to ask:

a) What have you learnt about yourself recently?

b) How have you got more involved in the business and developed your comfort zone?

c) How will you continue to add value to the team and the business?

d) What do you think of me as your Manager (how can you possibly manage someone and not know)?

There are infinitely more questions. Be creative. Remember, if a question isn’t on the form it doesn’t mean you can't ask it.

The art of management is asking brilliant questions and doing something equally brilliant with the answers.

Make the review your team member's responsibility

Remember it is your team member's review. Ensure that they are well briefed on the process and the expectations of their involvement.

Challenge them to think, create and present ideas for their contribution for the future.

Build responsibility and self-awareness of their abilities and how they will contribute to the future of the team and the business. NO SPOON FEEDING.

Make PDRS and Appraisals ongoing

Why do we do this process only once or twice a year? You wouldn’t coach a tennis player at the same frequency.

Giving feedback once a year? Great stuff, that’s not managing, that’s abdication. If you want to have a great relationship with anyone in life you need to communicate, share, discuss and plan.

If you would like more ideas on making coaching conversations, one to ones, PDRS and appraisals a successful and worthwhile event, please do get in touch.

Otherwise if you are just doing them once a year, give up and go and do something else instead.


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