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How To Keep Your Career Fresh

Don’t go stale -

keep YOU & YOUR CAREER fresh

How did you feel when you started out in your career?

Do you still have lots of new energy and ideas?

How do you intend to keep the passion alive?


Wherever you are in your career it’s good to ask yourself:

  • Would you want to work with you?

  • Would you want to have you as your manager or leader?

  • Do you still inspire and motivate others?

  • Are you still a person that others want to be around?

Like any products and services, you need to keep yourself fresh, of interest, of value and relevant.

Remember you are a limited company; you sell your time, energy, knowledge, wisdom and bundles of enthusiasm so people still want to work for you.

So now it’s the time for self-leadership by:

  • Finding new motivating challenges and values to keep you focussed

  • Discovering new ideas and energy by constant learning

  • Looking after your wellbeing

I’m not saying it’s time for a midlife crisis, but how are you going to continue to add value and relevance to who you work for and with?

Look at what you have got and not what you haven’t got. What have you got to proud of? What have you enjoyed?

Other points to consider:

Have your passions and priorities changed?

What have you achieved and made for yourself? Do you appreciate it?

Talk to more people about their careers, frustrations and realities.

Start a new job next week, new challenges, get more involved.

For something totally new, please see my video - How to Discover the Best Career for You.

Or do you need to look for inspiration outside of work? Remember work to live, not live to work.

If you would like more ideas, please do get in touch.


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