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How To Give Negative Feedback To Your Employees – Difficult Conversations

Giving negative feedback effectively is a vitally important management skill.

  • DONE BADLY : this is a conversation that may result in both parties feeling angry, unheard, offended, confused and unhappy.

  • DONE WELL : this conversation can leave both employee and manager feeling empowered, heard and crystal clear on what is expected of them.

Having difficult conversation or, a better phrase, having courageous conversations, is a tool that will keep your team working effectively.

A manager who can give negative feedback in the workplace displays strong leadership, will be more trusted and well respected than someone who avoids having these conversations.

In this video I explain how to have those difficult conversations when you require to give an employee some negative feedback.

If you would like any further help in making the transition into management, please do get in touch.


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