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How To Get Noticed By Your Manager

Do you feel invisible, unseen, unnoticed or underappreciated at work?

Feeling unvalued can lead to mental health challenges; unhappiness in your job and feelings of demotivation in your team.

Would you like to discover how to get noticed by your manager and receive recognition for your work and the contribution you bring to the business?

In this video I explore some of the reasons why these situations occur and what you can do to improve your visibility at work.

Self-promotion can be a tricky topic and make people feel uneasy, but the good news is, you don’t have to have a huge ego or shamelessly big yourself up to get the recognition you deserve at work.

Navigating self-promotion can be a delicate matter that can make individuals feel uncomfortable. However, the encouraging part is that you don't need to possess an inflated ego or shamelessly boast about yourself in order to receive the acknowledgment you rightly deserve in the workplace.

In this video series, Make The Most Of Your Manager, I dive into how to have the best relationship with your manager, boss or supervisor to improve your sense of wellbeing and further your career.

Naturally, if you would like some help please get in touch.

Enjoy, David.

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