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How to Future Proof Yourself in 2020 - Self Development (Part 4 of 4)

Wow, January has flown by as always and here we are in the first week of February talking about Self Development. This is the last in the current series of 4 videos and I really do hope that you have enjoyed taking on board the useful tips shared.

The beginning of a new year is always great for a fresh start, whether it's looking at your finances; a new fitness regime or hobby or even just having a clear out. But when do you actually make time to sit down and consider your own self development? After all, with markets changing, it will be this that will keep you employed for the rest of your working life.

You will be able to tell that I'm very passionate about this week's video How to Future Proof Yourself in 2020 - Self Development (Part 4 of 4) which I have packed with great advice learnt from my own coaching and personal experiences.

In the video I cover the following important Self Development areas:

Skillset / Knowledge / Experiences

  • what have I learnt?

  • what do I need to learn?

  • challenges overcome

  • what experiences will benefit me in the next 5 years?

Being Effective

  • being bloomin' good at what you do

  • how are you adding value and being relevant?

  • what do you do that makes the biggest impact on your business?

  • what's your game changer?

My Notebook

I talk about my notebook on a very regular basis, probably because it is an invaluable tool that I use daily. At the back of the book are pages marked out for use whilst reflecting, including the following :

Key Projects and Areas to Focus On

My Big Ideas

Personal Goals

Key People

If you'd like a copy of my Notebook please email me at

I hope that you have enjoyed this series of videos. If you have any feedback, I would be delighted to receive.


Remember, if you don’t look after yourself or your business, who is going to do it for you?

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