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How to Future Proof Yourself in 2020 - Reflection (Part 1 of 4)

If you recall, in last week's email I announced that I would be sharing 4 exciting tutorial videos over the month of January, to help kickstart your journey into Future Proofing Yourself.

In today's email I share the first of my videos - How to Future Proof Yourself in 2020 - Reflection (Part 1 of 4)

For those that follow my YouTube channel, have attended one of my courses or receive my emails each week, you will know that one of my favourite subjects is reflection and finding the space to create thinking time for ourselves in this mad busy world.

You are a Limited Company - you sell your time; your expertise; knowledge; wisdom and enthusiasm for a salary. And like all good Limited Companies, you need time to reflect, plan and execute.

In the Reflection video, we cover the following:

  • what do you want to achieve?

  • which direction is your company/market going in?

  • developing your own appraisals and performance review

Remember, that it's not just about reflection inside work. It's also about applying the same principle to your personal time outside - your family, friends, what are you passionate about and enjoy. It's exciting to make this time to see what opportunities await you.

I do hope you benefitted from watching the video. Please do feel free to comment. I always welcome contribution on my content.

Next week's tuturial will be focussing on Raising Your Profile, discussing how you can promote and sell yourself in different situations.


Remember, if you don’t look after yourself or your business, who is going to do it for you?

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