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How to Future Proof Yourself in 2020 - Raising Your Profile (Part 2 of 4)

Excited to share the second of the four self-development tutorials that I am using to encourage you in your Future Proofing Yourself journey.

Today's video - How to Future Proof Yourself in 2020 - Raising Your Profile (Part 2 of 4) demonstrates that raising your profile is one of the core principles to future proofing yourself. This is about selling yourself and being confident whilst you do it. You also have a professional responsibility to act accordingly so people perceive you in the best possible way.

Self esteem = how do we estimate ourselves (latin)

What does Raising Your Profile mean? In the tutorial I cover the following:

Selling Yourself

  • be prepared for people to ask questions - why you?

  • what have you got to offer?

  • what value and benefit do you bring?

  • know what you are good at and have examples

  • what are you about? letting people see your worth

Building Confidence

  • imposter syndrome

  • understanding you are best person for the job

  • what capabilities/skills have you demonstrated over the years?

  • how well have you handled challenges?

  • how to develop self-esteem

Professional Responsibility

  • down days don't happen!

  • you are always on show, so deliver best service

  • be really good at what you do

  • demonstrate your qualities

Please do watch the video where I take you through the 3 key areas to Raising Your Profile in detail.

Next week's tuturial will be focussing on Networking. To be fair, I love networking, just wish I understood in my 20's how beneficial it could be.


Remember, if you don’t look after yourself or your business, who is going to do it for you?

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