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How To Develop Your Facilitation Skills

I love the word Facilitator or Facilitation.

What does it mean? The word facilitation comes from the Latin ‘facile’ which, simply translated, means ‘to make easy'. So a facilitator is someone who makes things easy for others.

I much prefer Facilitator to the word Manager or Management, which seems to be about control and processes.

So try facilitation to engage, empower and encourage people to step up and take responsibility and perform to the best of their abilities, and a bit more.

What can you facilitate in your work to make things easier for others to perform well?

  • Ask great questions

  • Give some feedback

  • Challenge people

  • Get others thinking and looking at solutions

  • Develop and train someone

  • Set them a vision

  • Explain the WHY really well along with the who, what, when, where and how

So less control and processes. Go and facilitate people if you have responsibilities in getting the best out of other people

What can you facilitate this week?

Enjoy, David

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