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How To Develop Your Competence And Confidence In What You Do

These two words sound similar and go very well together in terms of Future Proofing Yourself.

If you can gain good competence, in other words have the right skills, knowledge and experience, it generally would improve your confidence.

And as you improve your confidence it encourages you to develop even more skills, knowledge and experiences and therefore your competence.

So the two go together rather well I think.

You develop your competence to improve your confidence and you then improve your confidence to develop your competence.

Try saying that fast!

It’s a like you have a continual circle of development – competence – confidence – competence – confidence.

So which one comes first?

Well, you can start with your competence.

Go and learn something new or try a comfort zone challenge to develop your competence and that in turn, as we have said, develops your confidence.

And then you are up and running competence – confidence – competence – confidence.

Get it?

So what are you waiting for get out there and develop your competence and confidence.

Enjoy and have fun.


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