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How To Develop A Habit In A Split Second - Future Proof Yourself

New Year resolutions and gym memberships are rife, along with new personal goals.

Will all of these make a real difference or is it time to just make small changes to ensure change and resolutions really stick?

Developing a habit can take just a split second.

There are plenty of books and theories on how long it takes to develop a habit.

I have researched this and the answers vary substantially - anything from 10 to 66 days or 10,000 repetitions or hours. One article said its between 18 and 254 days – that was helpful!

In my experience it need only take a split second to develop a new habit.

Examples of learning new habits quickly could be:

  • opening the door of a hot wood burner without protective gloves

  • going out in the freezing cold without wearing a hat

  • criticizing a meal prepared by someone who cooks for you on a regular basis

  • getting a client’s name wrong in a meeting

The above truly help you to not make the same mistake again. Lessons learnt!

So what one thing have you done once and not repeated? That you learnt from?

Developing a new habit can take a split second, but do it carefully and meaningfully.

Enjoy the journey.


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