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how to create your own luck

How do people get lucky?

Are other people luckier than me? Does luck exist? Why am I so unlucky?

I could go on with lots of other statements and questions and everyone has their own opinion regarding having good or bad luck. However, I do believe you can improve your chances of luck.

Example 1

You are wanting to create a more profitable business, therefore, sales and opportunities might be your focus.

If you have:

  • identified your ideal clients who want to buy top end products

  • a desirable high-end product, which enables good profit margin per sale

  • worked hard to build a client base to sell to

you are going to have more luck in selling and realising profit than if you:

  • sell a low-end product with a very small profit margin

  • haven’t worked hard to create a client base.

Guess which business will be lucky?

Example 2

You need to get a new job.

You sit and wait for the perfect company to offer you the perfect job by just sending your CV out to a few recruitment companies. Good luck, you will need to be very, very lucky.

However, if you treat finding a new job like having a full-time job by:

  • constantly networking

  • creating the right image on social media

  • getting advice

  • targeting specific companies and agencies, and

  • having a killer CV and attitude/passion

you will increase your chances of being lucky.

Sometimes luck is disguised as hard work, determination, planning, learning, being creative, networking, getting help and doing the right research.

Whether luck really exists, in a scientific concept, I think you certainly influence it.

If you want to get 'luckier' in your career make sure you Future Proof Yourself by subscribing and watching the other videos on this channel.

Good luck.


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