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How To Celebrate Christmas

Hooray, let us crack on and enjoy the festivities


Do we have to, it's been a b..... awful year?


I am giving it a miss, thank you!

However, you are feeling this Christmas, make sure you take some time to reflect.

Yes, it’s been very tough. If you have been dealt a difficult hand and this year has been tough in more ways than one, please rethink how well you have coped with new challenges and difficult situations.

Ask yourself, 'how can I continue to learn and overcome future challenges? Hopefully, you will see that, based on your experiences this year, you will be in a better position to deal with 2021 than you were this time last year looking forward to 2020.

Plus, we are always being told Christmas is a time for giving. So, what is the present that you can give to others who are not in a good position. Think about giving your time and being present in your conversations with them.

Who can you reach out to and help?

  • Spend time listening and understanding

  • You cannot necessarily solve their problems, but you can show that you care

  • Show compassion and empathy

  • Be supportive and positive towards others

Sometimes, listening and understanding and being present in conversations is the best thing you can gift someone, along with your time.

Yes, it has been tough, but now is the time to show our true qualities in helping ourselves and others towards a better 2021.

Happy Christmas to you and see you in the new year!

Take care, David

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