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How To Be Successful - Make Sure That You Are Really Good At What You Do

I know it is obvious, but it is really good advice.

Whatever your chosen route is, be very good at it.

What do you need to learn, study, get advice on or practice. Now that is an important word, ‘practice’.

There is a great saying in sport. Why do amateurs play more than they practice and why do professionals practice more than they play?

It’s a really interesting concept that we all need to think about. Could I be better at what I do if I practiced my talents more often?

So, if you have to negotiate a lot in your work, what do you need to practice?

Asking great questions

  • Listening

  • Being present

  • The art of silence

  • Keeping calm

  • Reading body language and being aware of your own

  • Your product/ industry knowledge

  • Packaging deals

  • Reaching agreement

So, what do YOU need to practice? If you need any help please get in touch.

Enjoy the journey


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