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How To Ask For Great Feedback

That’s a very scary thought. Well, yes it can be.

But, gaining feedback can be a wonderful way of developing and improving.

After all it works wonders in the sporting world but, for some reason, we are not so good at it in the business world. Often people say to me, "but, David they are professional sports people, they need to get feedback to develop". And I reply "aren’t you a professional?"

So, where do we begin?

Ask for feedback as often as you can. Of course, this comes as two types of feedback:

  1. Feedback that is positive which we like receiving, and;

  2. Feedback that we perceive is negative which we are not so keen on receiving

But all feedback can be positive, especially if we help the giver of the feedback to provide it in a certain way.

Remember, it is always important to thank people for the feedback.

  • Ask for examples of what you did, when and where you did it

  • Don’t get defensive. Be honest with yourself and accept what is true and real.

  • If they can not provide examples. Politely say "thank you, but unless you can give me some specific examples, it is difficult to put your feedback into context

  • Ask for suggestions on how you can improve

  • If needed, agree actions that you will carry out

  • Thank them for their feedback and time

Dealing with feedback in a positive and proactive manner will win you friends, plus people will want to help you in the future.

What feedback should you be more open towards?

Should you need any help please let me know.


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