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How To Achieve Your New Year Goals

A Very Happy New Year

Onwards and Upwards

How to achieve your New Year goals...

Happy New Year to you. So, here is the most important tip to help you achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations for the New Year.

Wait for it

Give it absolutely everything!

Be totally committed

  • Be positive

  • Work very hard

  • Have loads of energy and enthusiasm

  • Make people want to work with you

  • Make people want to do business with you

There are plenty of online programmes and videos on how to achieve your goals, but the number one ingredient is ‘give it absolutely everything’.

I have coached people who have wanted to:

  • Become Investment Bankers

  • Be a top chef

  • Find new careers

  • Become a paid actor

  • Leave dead end jobs

  • Run marathons

  • Get rid of her husband!! (let’s not go there)

  • Set up their own company

  • Become a lawyer

  • Earn loads of money (I will come back to that)

  • Be happy

  • Complete their studies

Those that succeeded had one thing in common. Yes you've got it, they gave it absolutely everything!

They were positive, invested energy, were totally committed, worked very hard and had great energy and enthusiasm.

I was given the opportunity to coach someone who was starting out in their career and they loved the idea of working in the City of London, earning lots of money and having the lifestyle to match.

The problem was:

  • They did not want to do the hours

  • They did not want to do the commute into the city

  • They did not want to do the exams

Guess what? It never happened. I might be a good coach, but I am not that good. There needs to be some desire.

So if you have set goals in the past and they didn’t happen ask yourself 'was I fully committed and did I give it absolutely everything?'

So whatever you do this year, give it absolutely everything.

Happy New Year!

Enjoy the journey and let me know how you get on.

Take care, David

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