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How Important Is Your Lifestyle?

Nice holidays – beautiful new kitchen – latest spec TV?

These are all very nice, but what is the one area of your lifestyle you have forgotten to invest in?

I'm guessing it is your career development.

If you have a comfortable lifestyle and enjoy the odd treat and luxury have you ever reflected on how it is funded?

Well of course it is via your salary. BUT is your salary protected?

Are you Future Proofing Yourself so you stay relevant and of value for the rest of your working career so you can maintain your lifestyle?

How are you protecting your lifestyle and, more importantly, your salary that funds it?

Is your career/personal development up-to-date enabling you to always be of value and relevant so people will want to employ you?

If not, it is time to Future Proof Yourself and take action now.

Details of coaching support that you can gain can be found on my website

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