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Happy Monday!

How to love Mondays

For a start, if you are one of those people who wake up with that Monday morning feeling, where you really are dreading the week ahead and potentially are going to inflict your negativity on those around you, you need to watch my latest video - titled 'Do not wish your Mondays away - enjoy yourself, be positive!'

By embracing your Mondays, rather than wishing them away,

you will be able to:

  • tackle the week ahead with new energy

  • display positivity and professional responsibility

  • approach challenges with a desire to learn

  • use opportunities to demonstrate what you are good at

At the end of the week, are you the person who when you reach end of day Friday, says 'thank goodness that's over'?

Instead of doing that, reflect on your week:

  • how good was your week?

  • what have you achieved?

  • what have you learnt or been challenged by?

  • how have you demonstrated professional responsibility?

  • what learnings can you take into next week?

Please please please - don't wish your Mondays, weeks or any time away. You are wishing your life away and there will come the time when your greatest desire is that you had more time!

Challenge yourself, be positive, change your mindset and start to enjoy Mondays.

Remember, if you don’t look after yourself or your business, who is going to do it for you?

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