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Doddie Weir - My Name'5 Doddie book review

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

If you don’t normally read sporting autobiographies, I don’t blame you - some can be very bland. But this one about Doddie is anything but bland, mind you nor is Doddie Weir.

His story is captivating as a person playing international and first-class rugby, but more so, his story after retiring and his current battle with motor neurone disease.What has hit me most, when reading his book is how and why so many great names in sport have rallied round him in support of him, his charitable trust and battle against motor neurone disease.

What is it about Doddie that has made so many people to want to help Doddie out? I think, all through his career he has been himself, a great friend to others, worked hard and tried his hardest. By his own admission he wasn’t the most talented player but was a great talent person and became the best person he could be in his life, so people now want to give him something back.

It makes you think about what we are giving to other people doesn’t it?

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