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Got A Language And Want To Use It?

I have had several recent coaching conversations with people whose second language is English, however, they would like to explore opportunities to use their native language and other languages they have studied.

In today's video, Looking for Language Job Opportunities, I discuss how you can search for your perfect language job.

We have discussed that the current marketplace is naturally very challenging and could there be other opportunities that they haven’t yet thought of?

We talk about creating an extensive list of our skills and attributes and often, if people have a second or third language, they may dismiss the great skill they have in being multilingual.

You may perhaps have a preferred profession in HR, for instance, or Finance or Consulting. If you are finding current opportunities in those disciplines difficult, how could you use your different language skills?

You could:

Research companies from your native country:

  • who are now based in the country that you live in

  • you could be a huge asset to them.

Or companies:

  • who import/export to countries where you are fluent in the local language

You may not get the job that you desire necessarily, but it could be an excellent starting point and who knows where the opportunity could take you.

Good luck on your Future Proofing Journey


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The current subject is Finding Opportunities in Tough Times’.

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