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Future Proof Yourself - Coaching

Future Proof Yourself - Coaching

‘An investment in yourself that you cannot ignore.’

6 month / 3 month programmes tailored to your needs

The Challenge

How are we all going to keep ourselves employable?

Are you worried about getting left behind in your career?

Are you keeping yourself up to date, relevant and of value to future employers?

Will your future salary keep pace with your lifestyle?

How are we all going to keep ourselves employable?

The retirement age is increasing, and the pension provision is reducing.

New technologies, market trends, diversity in terms of culture and age, legislation, company re-structuring, wellbeing and burnout, plus local and world economics, are all real threats in keeping us employable for the rest of our working lives.

It is very easy to get left behind and not keep ourselves up to date.

Our lifestyles are dependent on our income and salaries, but are you investing enough in YOU so you can keep up to date and employable?

The greatest investment that you will ever make is in your own personal development to help Future Proof Yourself

Are you protecting your future income to safeguard your lifestyle?’

The Solution

Programme offerings: Each coaching session will be designed for your specific needs.

Book a complimentary clarity discovery call to plan your Future Proofing Journey

Example of a six month programme

  • Learn how to be one step ahead of the competition

  • Your business / industry / the future

  • Learn how to stay relevant and of value for the rest of your working career

  • Creating the skills you need for the future

  • You as a limited company

  • Understand your key strengths

  • What future skills / knowledge will be needed?

  • How to manage your learning experiences

  • How to Future Proof your self-esteem and confidence

  • The art of networking for a prosperous future

  • How to confidently sell and promote yourself

  • Being a person of influence so others will want to deal with you

  • Proactive goal setting – making things happen for you

  • Core strengths profiling to help you communicate effectively with everyone

  • Your next career moves / opportunities

  • Personal resilience / controlling the controllable

Additional topics available

  • Finding new job opportunities

  • Invest in yourself to create a prosperous career

  • Don’t just rely on your CV

  • Alternative ways to job search

  • Enjoying what you do

  • Finding the passion

  • Don’t feel left behind in your career

  • Changing career at any age

  • Getting back into work

‘Do you spend more on servicing your car than you do on Future Proofing Yourself?’

Please contact me for a conversation to see if we are the right fit to work together on Your Future Proofing Journey

For more details please click on Coachin


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