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Day of Reflection

When we are seemingly accessible 24/7 with the world of news, social media and emails at our fingertips wherever we are, it is important to take time out and, by leaving your electronic devices alone and creating reflection time, this can have some major benefits for you in your ability to spend quality time focusing on what is really important.

What benefits can you expect to feel in your reflective day?

  • more focussed

  • less distractions

  • liberated

  • more present in the moment

  • more attentive

In my video 'Day of Reflection' I share my own experience of a day without my phone and the benefits I received, but also how that reflected on my clients, my preparation and the training sessions I ran that day.

Things won't disappear, you will have to catch up, but nothing will be lost just because you haven't got to it in the last few hours.

Go on, be brave and give it a go!


Please take a look at the other great videos and ideas that I have posted on my YouTube channel. I hope that you will inspired to subscribe, like and share the videos with people you think could benefit from watching them.

The channel is called 'Future Proof Yourself' and it excitingly coincides with my soon to be launched first book, also called 'Future Proof Yourself'.

Future Proofing Yourself is all about helping people to stay relevant, of value and keeping themselves employable for the rest of their working career.

I hope you enjoy, David

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